Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bleeding heart liberal

Until I understood the real meaning of Democrat and Republican I didn't understand how liberal I really was. And until just this moment I didn't realize that I was truly the 'Bleeding Heart Liberal' that some speak in a way that makes it sound like nothing short of leprosy.

I care deeply for others. I believe in deep respect for ALL living things. It makes my heart burn to think of suffering and injustice, not only in my own country, but for the suffering of others anywhere on the planet. And that includes all of the inhabitants of Earth and of the Earth herself.

I feel it as a sign of maturity. I don't see it as something that anyone should be labeled and I hope that everyone has at least just a little bit of it!!


Brans~Muffin said...

Wow! I said the exact same thing to someone today!

Lizanne said...

I grew up in a family full of bleeding heart liberals, and am proud to say I am one today!